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This online website (thereafter referred to as “the website”) has been designed and created by the Axian Group.
The website is edited and hosted by VĂ©ronique PERDIGON, Axian’s Publications’ Director.

The use of this website is subject to existing laws and regulations.

These legal terms constitute legally-binding rules for general use of the website (hereafter referred to as “terms of use”) that all users implicitly consent to by using, browsing or navigating the website. Access and use of the website imply full acceptance of the legal terms by the user.

General Information

Accessing and using the website imply full awareness and acceptance of the legal terms by the user. AXIAN reserves the right to modify the legal terms unilaterally at any time. The current vrsion of the legal terms remains accessible at all times in the “Legal Terms” tab of the website and can be accessed at any time by all users.

Any user that does not wish to accept the current terms of use in their entirety must renounce their use of the website. The website is accessible for free via the following URL : www.axian-group.com Axian reserves the right to interrupt or suspend access to the website or modify its accessibility for maintenance or any other reason, and the user shall not be entitled to compensation of any kind in such an event.

In order to use the website, the user must have access to computer equipment that meets the minimum system specifications and requirements of axian-group.com and ensure that its material, information, its products and services are accessible and viewed on the website in line with the terms of use. Axian Group shall not be liable in the event that the website cannot be accessed.

Website Use and Access

The website is the exclusive property of the AXIAN Group. The website and all of its content, including text, fixed/animated images, databases, programs etc. are protected under copyright laws and dispositions. AXIAN is the owner and holds rights of use on logos, trademarks, distinct graphics, texts, illustrations, photographs, images and videos as well as the databases and software that are used pertaining to the website.

AXIAN cedes only the authorisation to view its content for personal and private purposes; this authorisation excludes any public viewing or broadcasting of the website. The right to copy the work is only given to users for digital copies on the computer used to consult the website for the purpose of viewing pages on their browser. Printed copying is only authorised for the sole private use of the user.

Any use not covered not covered by the terms of use is not permitted and requires written permission from AXIAN beforehand.

Intellectual Property

The user may create or publish a link to the website’s home page for non-commercial purposes and in accordance with existing laws and regulations as long as doing so does not damage AXIAN’s reputation or allow the user to profit. The site that links AXIAN (hereafter referred to as “the affiliate site”) cannot publish content that is pornographic, immoral, disturbing, insulting, racist, discriminatory; encourages criminal behaviour and hate speech or actions relating to race, religion, sex, appearance or amounts to false, inaccurate or incorrect statements of facts.

Users are explicitly forbidden from publishing a link to the website in a manner that suggests any form of association, advocacy or support from AXIAN that does not exist. Users cannot delete or hide, through re-framing, adblocking or any means, advertisements, and any other content published on the website.

If AXIAN authorises the affiliate website to publish a link to the website, this authorisation is subject to the following conditions:

  • The link to one or more pages of the website cannot be made in a way that causes the user to confuse the affiliate website (with the link), and the website ;
  • The authorisation given by AXIAN does not mean (i) that AXIAN sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the content and/or services provided by the affiliate website and (ii) that AXIAN is responsible for the affiliate website or its contents ;
  • The affiliate website must conform with applicable laws and regulations and cannot diffuse content that is (i) illegal, harmful, unethical or disturbing (pornographic, violent, racist, etc—see above section under ‘intellectual property’ for content prohibitions) and (ii) intended to mislead or confuse users on AXIAN or its operations, products and services.

AXIAN reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw any affiliate website’s authorisation to link to the website unilaterally and without notice. In the event that one of the abovementioned conditions is transgressed, AXIAN reserves the right to withdraw authorisation unilaterally and terminate the link without notice.

Links to our Website

From the website, the user may access other websites via URL redirects. These third-party websites are not under AXIANÂŽs control and AXIAN is not responsible for these third-party websites’ availability or content. These websites are published for the user’s information and benefit and AXIAN is not liable for any event emanating from these third-party websites.

Guarantee and Responsibility

The user, when accessing or using the website, implies tacit acceptance of the terms of use (current version) in their entirety. However, Axian cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or results obtained from misusing this information. Simiarly, AXIAN cannot be held responsible for messages, content or information that it has not authored. AXIAN will, however, correct any errors or omissions that are brought to its attention, and modify any part of the site as well the terms of use without incurring any liability.

Any user that downloads any material while using the website does so at their own risk. Users are solely responsible for any harm or damage incurred by their computer or any data loss/breach stemming from the download.

More broadly, AXIAN cannot be held liable for any harm or damage stemming from usage of the website.

User responsibility :

The user agrees to observe all existing laws and regulations, and not to publish, communicate or share information, content, images or messages that could be considered insulting, defamatory, racist, immoral, unethical, pornographic, or intended to provoke/incite criminal behaviour and hate founded on race, religion, sex, appearance or any other characteristic. Such content will immediately be deleted by AXIAN.

The user must respect third-party rights, especially intellectual property and the right to privacy as detailed in the aforementioned ‘intellectual property’ section.

The user cannot alter the proper functioning of any IT equipment, or usurp any user ID, denominations or any attribute of any other user, and more broadly, to not act in any manner that creates confusion among users.

The user is not to behave or act in any manner that harms the reputation, interests, rights, operations of AXIAN or any third party, or to execute any action that damages, alters, interrupts, overloads or impairs the website and its functioning.

In the event of a violation of terms of use by the user, AXIAN reserves the right to limit, suspend or stop the user from accessing the website by any technical means it has at its disposal.

The user is solely responsible for their use of products and services found on the website, whether by freely accessing it without ID or from their account.

The user is responsible for content, messages, information or images that they publish and will be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by any use of the site or violation of the terms of use.

Rights of Data

The only specific personal data that we are explicitly made aware of is the data that is forwarded to us by users when they contact us via the email provided in the website as contact information.

In line with applicable data-protection laws and regulations, all users are given the right to access, oppose, modify or delete their personal data. To exercise this right, the user must make a specific request regarding their personal data, to be sent either via email to [email protected] or via postage to AxianÂŽs registered headquarters.

Any personal data that the user transmits to us when contacting us will only be used to respond to their specific query, and will not be used for sales purposes or transmitted to any third-parties, unless compelled to by law.


Axian is committed to providing users with a safe and secure website in line with its general obligation of means.

Applicable Laws and Attribution of Liability

Usage of the website is regulated by eminent laws and regulations of Madagascar.

Any dispute that cannot be amicably settled will be heard by the appropriate tribunal court.