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Antananarivo, 10 May 2023

The insurance-brokerage and risk-management firm IORS is rebranding itself as SANKO. Having experienced significant growth in recent years, it now boasts a portfolio of clients that includes some of Madagascar’s largest corporate entities. Today’s brand evolution is indicative of its leadership in the local insurancebrokerage sector, as well as its broader ambition of expanding to become a pan-African service provider.

Founded in Madagascar 10 years ago, SANKO originally refined its expertise by providing advisory services to various other subsidiaries of the AXIAN group. Now it provides these services to companies across the country and more than half of its turnover comes from companies outside the AXIAN group. Its broader strategic ambition is to reach a pan-African scale in line with the group-wide strategy.

SANKO’s primary area of expertise and scope of activity is comprised of Insurance-brokerage and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) advisory services.

“With service quality and convenience as our guiding principles, we will continue to support our corporate clients to continuously improve their risk controls end-to-end, so that they can implement their projects with total peace of mind. With SANKO, we make clear our ambition to become Madagascar’s leading insurance brokerage and risk-management experts and eventually attain a pan-African scale, while continuing to meet our clients’ expectations of excellence.”

Mickael Gonçalves, CEO of SANKO.

“SANKO insures AXIAN group’s assets and supports its expansive growth. This is an exciting new phase with parallel objectives of significantly increasing the out-of-group share of our turnover, while on the other hand, exploring new opportunities to expand our insurance-brokerage and riskmanagement advisory services to a pan-African scale.”

Hassane Muhieddine, CEO of AXIAN’s Financial Services cluster.


SANKO is an AXIAN-group subsidiary based in Madagascar that specializes in insurance brokerage and risk management in Africa. With its team, which includes passionate and dedicated specialists with up-to-date knowledge of today’s risk environment, SANKO provides bespoke advisory services to clients on end-to-end risk management through ongoing, close-support mandates.

With SANKO, turn your risks into opportunities:


AXIAN is a pan African group that operates in ten countries and specializes in five industries with high growth potential; namely telecoms, financial services, real estate, energy and open innovation. AXIAN is an engaged partner in the socio-economic growth of the countries where it operates. With over 6,400 daring and passionate staff, the group systematically ensures that its products and services have a positive and sustainable impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Africans. The AXIAN Group is a signatory of the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative and committed to the integration of its 10 Principles into group strategy, policies and operations.

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