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Capture vidéo sur l'interview d'Hassanein Hiridjee sur CNN
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CORPORATE, 25 july 2022

Hassanein Hiridjee - CNN Interview.

Capture vidéo sur la place de la femme à des postes de leadership/ Women in corporate leadership screenshot
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CORPORATE, 08 march 2022

Women in corporate leadership.

ASK and ANSWER screenshot
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CORPORATE, February 2022

Our CEOs answer our coworkers'questions

Stéphane Oudin interview screenshot
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TELECOM, October 2 2021

Interview with Stéphane Oudin
about the digital revolution in Africa

Fanilo interview screenshot
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IMPACT, October 2021

Interview with Fanilo
about positive impact at Axian

Motion Impact screenshot
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IMPACT, October 2021

Three minutes to differentiate between
Business Impact, Philanthropy and CSR

Motion AXIAN University screenshot
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CORPORATE, June 23 2021

Discover Axian University,
our group university

Benjamin Memmi Interview screenshot
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ENERGY, May 10 2021

Interview with Benjamin Memmi
about Africa's energy transition

Motion energy screenshot
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ENERGY, February 27 2021

Discover Let's Renew Energy


A CEO meets...

18 Mar 2022

A CEO meets...

09 Dec 2021