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Antananarivo, 25 november 2021

AXIAN University expands its already-sizeable directory of trainings with its partner, the PCEB, an organisation that offers certifiable trainings that reflect the latest standards in service, innovation, quality, technology and best-practices.

As part of this new partnership between AXIAN University and the PECB, AXIAN Group employees will now have access to trainings that are recognized by the Organisation Internationale de Normalisation (ISO). These trainings will touch on various fields such as information security (ISO. IEC 27001), risk management (ISO 31000) and even building security and resilience (ISO 22301).

This partnership presents a substantial opportunity for AXIAN University, the AXIAN Group’s corporate university, as they can now offer employees trainings and content that comply with international standards that are recognized worldwide.


PECB is an international organisation that specializes in the certification of people, products and services in a large array of international standards. As a global provider of training, examination and certification services, PECB brings proven expertise in many fields, including data security, building business resilience, service management, quality-assurance processes and the environment.

We help professionals show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable training, testing and certification that aligns with rigorous, internationally-recognized norms and standards. Our mission is to give our clients a full range of services that elicit trust, are catalysts for continuous improvements and are beneficial to society-at-large.


AXIAN University is the AXIAN Group’s corporate university.

AXIAN University promotes upskilling, professional growth and employee empowerment through professional trainings for present and future AXIAN Group staff. Through three main programs (AXIAN Training Center, AXIAN Diploma and AXIAN Executive Education), the University provides support to AXIAN employees in their professional advancement and trainings to the people that make AXIANÂŽ s mission a reality. Through interdisciplinary experience sharing as well as certified trainings in sales, energy, telecoms, finance and even digital tools, AXIAN University empowers people to grow by acquiring and sharing knowledge. AXIAN University allows for the upskilling of its people and subsidiaries to prepare them for the challenges of the future through accomplished partners, a pan-African focus and innovative education methods

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