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Antananarivo, 17th november 2021

The AXIAN Group announces its subscription to Actis Energy 5, a new energy fund being managed by Actis, an investment company known for its investments in the energy sector of developing economies throughout Africa, Asia and South America


AXIAN continues to pursue its investment strategy through its commitment to the Actis Energy 5 fund. This commitment is an opportunity for Let´ s Renew Energy—the AXIAN group’s energy cluster— to support companies that are committed to bolstering financial inclusion across the energy industry as well as throughout developing markets. In line with its belief that energy is a basic human right, AXIAN is collaborating with a team of professionals who specialise in greenfield projects and niche aspects of fund management. AXIAN subscription to Actis Energy 5 is a prominent part of its impactinvestment strategy and further validates its ESG commitments.

Actis is a first-rate private investment company that operates in emerging markets throughout Asia, Africa and South America in three sectors, namely energy and infrastructure; real-estate and private equity. Actis Energy 5, the fifth iteration of this energy fund, aims to raise 4 billion to pursue the same objectives as its predecessors: to invest in companies managing assets that are directly involved in producing and distributing electricity


Actis has developed a strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus through its adherence to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) enumerated by the United Nations (UN), as well as its adherence to the highest ESG standards across al investments. This follows AXIAN strong ESG credentials as a signatory of the UN’s Global Compact and one of the initiative’s ambassadors in the Indian ocean. To date, Actis has positively impacted on quality of life across three continents, giving over 116 million people access to clean and reliable energy while producing over 24 GW of electricity. The adoption of relevant technology for compatible projects has also resulted in the sequestration of over 5.6 million tons of CO2 emissions.

By investing in Actis Energy 5, AXIAN is thus prioritising projects that will bolster the world’s transition to renewable energy. The group has already, on many occasions, articulated its position in favour of universal access to clean, reliable and affordable electricity via its investments in Africa’s energy transition—AXIAN is already the top solar-energy producer in Madagascar.

“Our subscription to Actis Energy 5 further demonstrates our advocacy for positively-impactful investments that help along the global energy transition while obeying the principle of energy inclusion. We are also diversifying our portfolio, as our energy investment will not only reach Africa, but also Asia and South America.” –Hassane Muhieddine, CEO du pôle finance, AXIAN Group.


Founded in 2004, Actis has raised over 19 billion USD since its creation and employs close to 300 people, including a team of 120 investment specialists, all spread throughout 17 offices worldwide. Actis has already completed 165 successful exits out of 260 transactions spanning 40 countries.


AXIAN is a pan-African group that specialises in 5 sectors with high growth potential, namely real-estate, telecoms, financial services, energy and open innovation. AXIAN is directly present in 6 countries in Africa and the Indian ocean and acts as a dependable partner for socio-economic growth across its markets.

With all 5,000 daring and passionate staff, our group systematically ensures that its activities have a positive and sustainable impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Africans across all industries we operate in.

The AXIAN Group is a signatory of the UN’s Global Compact initiative and is committed to making its 10 Sustainable Development Goals a core component of its strategies, as well as its present and future operations.

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