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November 27th 2020, Lome—TOGOCOM, an Axian Group company, has activated its commercial 5G network and now offers clients a very-high-speed mobile connection, courtesy of cutting-edge connectivity technology.

The 5G network, also made possible by our partners Nokia, is now fully operational in Lome.

5G, a major tech disruptor for Togo

With a much greater bandwidth availability, much higher data-transfer speeds—up to 100 times faster than 4G—and extremely lower latency, 5G will give our corporate clients a new experience of technology and, in the long term, will bring about newer, more innovative products and services for Togolese consumers. This next-gen connective technology will generate significant disruption for the technological landscape in Togo,and pave the way to greater opportunities for the Togolese entrepreneurial community.

A first for West Africa

Togo is the first West-African country and third African state to deploy 5G technology.
This new network will allow for accelerate economic and digital development and accelerate broader access to education (virtual learning, interactive learning, longdistance qualifications, etc) and healthcare (online medical services, robotised surgery, etc).

5G: A pillar of support for the National Development Plan (NDP)

A little over a year ago—November 6 2019—a commitment was made to make Togo a regional hub for digitalisation and technology as part of its National Development Plan (NDP) and a model for social and economic growth. This commitment will give the Togolese people access to innovative products and services in education, healthcare and public services across the country.

Mrs. Cina Lawson, Minister of Technology and Digitalisation, said:

 ” 5G will bring about new uses that facilitate the emergence of new services that are tailored to  various sectors of the economy (energy, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, etc.). However, the government has another objective for this initiative: that it benefits the entire Togolese people. It is thus crucial that we ensure that the deployment of the 5G network is not limited to our urban spaces, but also that helps expand network coverage so that all parts of Togo—even the most isolated parts—can benefit from this new technology.”

Paulin ALAZARD, TOGOCOM Managing Director, added:

” We are proud to have surmounted the challenge of adhering to an ambitious roadmap that led to deploying Togo’s 5G network in less than a year. I want to congratulate all our people at TOGOCOM for their dedication to fulfilling this incredible project; one that will have a long-term,positive impact on Togo’s economy.”

Togocom: Our people are committed to giving the Togolese people quality services

TOGOCOM continues to execute its 7-year strategy as planned. After 1 year, excluding the 5G network launch, several investments have been agreed-upon and several initiatives implemented to improve its customer journey and the network coverage and speed by accelerating the deployment of 3G and 4G across the country. There is much left to be done, but the people of TOGOCOM are ready to face such challenges on a daily basis.

To date, 3G and 4G services cover 96% and 65% of the Togolese population respectively and the network now serves 4.5 million users (+9% growth over a 1-year period). However, TOGOCOM aims to maintain this customer growth by expanding Its network and Improving the quality of Its services.

About Axian Group :

Through its Malagasy subsidiary Telma, Axian already has proven experience with 5G technology. Successfully launched on June 26th 2020, Telma’s 5G network is the first fully-operational commercial 5G network in Africa.

Axian is a pan-African group that operates in 5 industries with high growth potential, namely telecoms, energy, finance, real estate and open innovation. Axian has a direct presence in 6 countries across Africa and the Indian ocean, and has proven to be a steadfast partner in the economic growth of every country where we operate. With over 5,000 dedicated staff, we systematically ensure that our brands across every cluster have a sustainable, positive impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Africans.
The Axian Group is a UN Global Compact signatory and is committed to integrating its 10 principles into the group’s present and future strategies. Find out more at

About Togocom :

TOGOCOM is an Axian Group company

TOGOCOM is the Togolese telecom market’s leader, currently serving the Togolese people wherever they reside in the country. The group is was born from consolidating the activities of Togo Télécom, Togo’s historical fixed-phone operator, and Togocel, the country´ s mobile-network operator.

TOGOCOM aims to become an exemplar of service quality that meets the highest international standards, most notably in terms of network coverage and speed, customer satisfaction and the availability of products and services.

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