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Axian commits to ADP III, the third private equity fund managed by DPI

26th october 2020, Antananarivo – AXIAN commits to the African Development Partners III (ADP III) investment fund managed by Development Partners International (DPI). DPI is one of the leading private equity firms devoted to and investing across Africa.



DPI has invested in 23 companies across 29 African countries, building on its investment expertise and network that has yielded a strong performance track record. With over USD 1.6 billion in assets under management, DPI invests in businesses, across the continent, positioned to benefit from the fast-growing emerging middle class. ADP III follows in the steps of its predecessors by focusing on market-leading companies working with managers to develop best-in-class environmental, social and governance practices.


Through this participation, AXIAN intends materializing its ambition of being a key partner in Africa’s economic transformation. DPI’s presence via its investee companies, provides a unique perspective and access to deal activities occurring across the continent. “This investment platform will allow us leverage on relationships and open-up opportunities in strategic co-investment or buy-outs at fund exits where synergies with our core operations are available. We also see the possibilities for future collaboration with the fund managers on external transactions that promote innovation and require pooling of expertise”, says Hassane Muhieddine, CEO AXIAN Financial Services.

Conducive to value creation and sustainable economic development, ADP III’s pan-African investment mandate offers AXIAN a natural path to passively diversify its core business operations, sector-wise as well as geographically within Africa.


DPI is both a commercial fund manager and a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. It, therefore puts emphasis on promoting ESG standards and through its investments, seeks to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals while providing commercial benefits to its investors. Social engagement coupled with financial, technological and energy inclusion are core tenets to AXIAN’s principles of responsible investment. «We see private equity as a conduit to address some issues relating to inclusion and social responsibility at the local level. We believe that the development of profitable and sustainable businesses in Africa cannot be dissociated from a responsible and inclusive approach to investmenting» highlights Hassane Muhieddine, CEO AXIAN Financial Services.


Development Partners International is one of the largest private equity fund managers focusing on Africa. Founded in 2007, DPI currently manages three pan-African private equity funds, ADP I, ADP II and more recently ADP III, with current total assets under management of over USD 1.6 billion.


Born in Madagascar 150 years ago, Axian is a diversified group present in 5 industries with high growth potential, namely energy, real estate, telecoms, financial services and innovation. With over 5,000 employees in the Indian Ocean and Africa, Axian is a proactive partner in the economic transformation of emerging countries. We systematically ensure that our activities have a lasting and positive impact on the daily lives of as many people as possible.

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