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Ambohimanambola, Monday the 23th of July 2018 – Transport, energy and civil engineering ministers visited the Ambohimanambola station. Their visit marks the completion of the bus station built by Jovena, as well as the beginning of a new organizational model for road traffic management in Madagascar.

Jovena, an Axian group firm, is Madagascar’s number one oil distributor. It is historically involved in the modernization of road infrastructures in the Island. Currently, Jovena is the country’s first investor in the transportation sector, it participated in the construction of several bus stations in Madagascar: Diego, Majunga and Ampasampito and more recently By-Pass.

The new station will be inaugurated in the coming weeks, and is part of a public-private partnership. It answers all current issues faced by road haulers in Antananarivo. The Ambohimanambola station’s main objective is to help articulate “taxis-brousse” traffic through the RN7 and RN2. These new traffic-management techniques will optimize infrastructure use, enhance road safety and contribute to a more fluid traffic. 

An ambitious project designed to improve the accessibility of road transport

Located on the outskirts of Antananarivo, the Ambohimanambola station is one of the biggest infrastructure of this type to stand in the Indian Ocean and Africa. The station spreads on more than 4 500 m² with a 22 000m² parking lot. The station is part of a long term urban planning project which will connect Marais Masay to By-Pass trough the construction of a ring road.

This East ring road “La Nouvelle rocade d’Antananarivo” will help reduce traffic congestion and will ease the access to the station. More importantly, this ring road will circumvent the city, enabling trucks to avoid the city center.

An infrastructure upholding international standards built both for passenger comfort and for the promotion of Madagascar at a global scale

The newly built station is of prime importance for the development of tourism in Madagascar. It will be used by busses carrying passengers and tourists through the RN7 and the RN2. These two roads are well known for the beauty and diversity of their landscapes.

Jovena is very attentive to the comfort and security of national and international passengers. The Ambohimanambola station was built in respect of international security standards inspired by airports: it is equipped with video surveillance systems, a police station, a luggage deposit as well as an ID check desk.    

This major project initiated in 2016, will soon welcome carrier-cooperatives. This organization model will be beneficial to all as it offers a better flow control and improvements in passenger security.

The station hosts the most important gas station in Madagascar called “Akona” as well as two distribution zones and a parking lot of more than 10 000 m² made to accommodate trucks.

This project will have positive consequences for both the population and the economy. This achievement comes as a demonstration of Jovena’s success in diversifying its activities and endorsing a new identity.

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