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AXIAN, Teyliom and NJJ groups completed the acquisition of mobile operator Tigo

The alliance forged by Teyliom, NJJ and AXIAN groups completed the acquisition of mobile operator Tigo to make it the industry leader in Senegal and a key stakeholder in the country’s economic and digital development. The alliance, made up of Yerim Habib Sow, Chairman of Teyliom Group, Xavier Niel, Chairman of NJJ, and Hassanein Hiridjee, Chairman and CEO of Axian Group, brings together distinguished entrepreneurs in the mobile communications and broadband markets, who have created and developed industry-leading brands in the Indian Ocean, Africa and Europe. These entrepreneurs have set three strategic priorities for Tigo: democratizing mobile communications and broadband Internet connection, investing in infrastructure to develop the operator’s services, and training employees to support the digitization of the Senegalese economy. With this scheme, the alliance seeks to revolutionize the mobile communications and Internet markets in Senegal by placing customers and their real needs at the core of their business. This challenging industrial project draws on investment projects of some 70 billion CFA francs, aimed at strengthening the quality and scope of the network’s coverage and associated services (data, non-binding packages, mobile banking, etc.) throughout Senegal. To this end, the alliance asserts its commitment to rapidly acquiring 4G frequency bands to provide Tigo’s customers with enhanced performance and new mobile services. The alliance wishes to deploy all its know-how in operational support system, network architecture or transfer of technical and commercial skills so that these efforts benefit Tigo and its Senegalese employees. Their expertise, particularly in terms of market knowledge and the challenges it poses, is a major asset for the alliance.  

This ambition will enable Tigo to become a full-fledged actor in the government’s “Emerging Senegal Plan” by facilitating mobile broadband and Internet access across the territory through more efficient networks and cutting-edge technologies. Finally, the alliance is convinced that this project will reshape healthy competition, restoring purchasing power to customers while driving growth and jobs throughout Senegal. Yerim Habib Sow said: “The acquisition of Tigo is part of our commitment to democratizing access to telecommunication services, the Internet and digital services wherever we operate. We have an ambitious investment program that will make Tigo not only the leading operator in the sector but also a key stakeholder in Senegal’s economic and digital development.” Press-Axian-group-pdf        

About Teyliom Group

Teyliom Group is an investment holding company operating in West and Central Africa and chaired by Yerim Habib Sow, who is the sole shareholder. The Group oversees five strategic structures: Teyliom Telecom, Teyliom Properties, Teyliom Hospitality, Teyliom Finance and Teyliom Industries. Teyliom is among the African pioneers of the mobile communications industry and has been a leading industryplayer since 1996.

About NJJ Capital

NJJ Capital is Xavier Niel’s private holding company, incorporated in France. NJJ Capital holds various stakes in a broad range of companies in Europe and the USA.

About Axian Group

Axian Group is present in several economic sectors in countries and territories located in the Indian ocean, including: telecommunications through Telma, TOM, TRM and TELCO SA; energy through Jovena and EDM; financial services through BNI Madagascar and MVOLA; and real estate with First Immo. The Axian group belongs to the Hiridjee family.