Who we are

Formed in October 2013, IORS is already a leading provider of risk and insurance management services in the Indian Ocean region. IORS obtained approval as an insurance broker in May 2015. In its first year of business, the company reported revenues (commission + fees) of $160,000 and expects to achieve continuous 100% year on year growth in the near future

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Our actions

IORS operates in two main segments:

– Consulting in risk management, insurance and organizational models.
– Insurance services.

The company adds value for customers in three ways:

– End-to-end services, from risk analysis to financing.
– Customer intimacy and focus.
– Innovation and return on investment.

IORS offers services tailored to all types of customers and all sectors. We help customers addressing their business concerns (financial loss insurance, civil liability, fraud, imports, credit, etc.) and personal requirements (family, healthcare, loans, property, pension, legal protection, etc.).

Project pipeline

Our strategic priorities for the years ahead include:

– Continuous improvement of our management and compensation kpis.
– Deployment of a new web-based collaborative management platform to deliver enhanced value for customers through such features as real-time visibility of policies and claims.