As a key player in the Indian ocean and mainland Africa's telecoms network,
AXIAN Telecom Cluster acts as a dedicated partner in Africa's digital revolution
across the value chain.
As such, every subsidiary in the AXIAN Telecom cluster shares
a common goal: to give the greatest number of people access to telecom
and digital services that are accessible, secure and affordable.

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Data4all is a real challenge, one that we at AXIAN are taking on! We will strive for all users to enjoy affordable tariffs and good service. Most of all, however, we will unlock new opportunities in terms of giving people access to the internet as well as the digital services of the future.

Stéphane Oudin

CEO, AXIAN Telecom

AXIAN Telecom
at a glance


commercial 5G
Network Operator
in Africa

36 million

mobile customers


data centre
in Madagascar

+17 200km

of backbone

Interview with
Stéphane Oudin

The digital revolution is already under way in Africa, but there is still much to be done to make every African a citizen of the digital world!

Find out more about AXIAN's innovative solutions to Africa's digital challenges in our interview with Stéphane Oudin, CEO of AXIAN Telecom.

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