Moving the African
entrepreunerial and
tech ecosystem

Who are we?

AXIAN Investment applies a long-term fundamental approach to build a resilient portfolio of investments supporting the group’s goal of positive impact and shared values. Its activities, while return-driven, will back exceptional entrepreneurs transforming industries and creating opportunities across asset classes, sectors and geographies.

“AXIAN Investment will enable us to invest strategically in both Private Equity and Venture Capital, empowering businesses to create more value while contributing to economic growth in countries across Africa. Consolidating both branches of investment activity under one roof will allow us to reinforce our standing as the group’s lookout-point seeking innovation and opportunities across the continent. Our involvement in 77 businesses across 28 countries in Africa via both direct and indirect operations will allow the AXIAN Group to leverage this broad presence to become a first-rate, pan-African investor.”

Hassane Muhieddine

CEO of AXIAN Financial Services

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Head of Private Equity and VC

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