Who we are

Established in 2005, Électricité de Madagascar (EDM) provides standalone renewable and hybrid power generation systems, energy maintenance, powerplant protection solutions and backup energy supplies.
EDM has built a nationwide presence, with facilities in 16 communities.

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Our actions

EDM provides access to readily available, renewable and sustainable energy for businesses and households:

– Developing renewable energies and helping the country be more energy efficient.
– Enhancing security of energy supply for businesses, with equipment, training, communications, etc.
– Improving energy availability for Axian’s telecoms infrastructure, with installation of solar power and backup generator systems for off-grid sites, plus on-site energy maintenance services for Telma and TOM sites (preventive visits and faster response to problems).

In June 2015, EDM achieved ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for its energy system integration and installation business, following an audit by SGS. With this certification in place, we are pursuing our goal of providing energy for everyone — a prerequisite for sustainable economic development in Madagascar.

Project pipeline

Our priorities:

– Continuously improve energy availability, quality and security of supply.
– Expand the use of digital technologies (tracking, reporting, real-time monitoring of usage, etc.).
– Achieve certification for EDM Academy training programs.