press release


Antananarivo, 14 September 2022

AXIAN is proud to present its newest annual report for the year 2021. This interactive publication retraces the group’s achievements and success for the past year. It also provides updates on various commitments the group has made in line with its mission: to set the standard for positive impact and shared prosperity.


AXIAN became the first telecoms operator to launch commercial 5G networks, first in Madagascar and then in Togo. We also also committed to a strategy that encompasses the sector’s entire value chain, including infrastructure that is critical for Africa’s tech modernization. As a result, AXIAN now gives over 18 million people access to mobile-phone networks across Africa and the Indian Ocean.

In the energy sector, our group is now Madagascar’s top solar-energy producer. IN 2021, AXIAN Energy expanded into mainland Africa, specifically Senegal.

That same year, the group has set up its new Open Innovation & Fintech cluster to accelerate our adoption of the latest innovations and facilitate the emergence of a fertile entrepreneurial scape while leveraging digitization, big data and its direct technological impacts on fintech.

Positive impact lies at the heart of the group’s corporate strategy. AXIAN is thus the UN Global Compact (UNGC)’s Local Network’s ambassador for Madagascar, and committed to helping future signatories join and becoming a regional champion for the UNGC across the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, the group reaffirms its commitment to learning and training as a driver for its HR strategy by creating AXIAN University, a corporate university dedicated to tackling the largest hurdles to Africa’s development and lend its support to AXIAN’s people regardless of country.

“In 2022, we will continue to create value and implement an aggressive growth strategy that nurtures shared prosperity and profitability for all of our stakeholders,” Hassanein Hiridjee, CEO, AXIAN Group.

Click here to download the AXIAN group’s interactive annual report 2021