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Antananarivo, 27 January 2022

The pan-African AXIAN Group is launching its subsidiary Silver Links to bring ever-more improving, innovative connectivity services to market across Africa and the Indian Ocean all in a way that contributes to the regions digital transformation.

Silver Links, a new AXIAN subsidiary, has positioned itself as leaders in developing and managing terrestrial and sub-sea cable networks. Formerly known as TICS, Silver Links will inherit a network of infrastructure that the Group has developed over the past 4 years.

Its existing fiber-optic cable network, which includes terrestrial backbone cable and the 2Africa and EASSY sub-sea cables—Is over 50,000 kilometres long cumulatively. Combined with footholds in critical hubs such as Johannesburg, London, and Paris, this gives Silver Links the capacity to offer infrastructure that is both complete and secure from end to end. Silver Links offers high-speed connectivity services and solutions for network operators, content providers and OTT services.

Today, data from over 35 million clients passes through its telecom infrastructure, making Silver Links an engaged partner in the proliferation of internet accessibility and a provider of inclusive and innovative services for its markets. The company has emerged as a key partner in the economic growth and digital transformation of Africa.


Silver Links is a subsidiary of the AXIAN Group’s Let’s Connect cluster, a key proponent of digital growth across the African mainland and the Indian Ocean. Acting on its belief that infrastructure is a key component of improving telecom services, the Let’s Connect cluster is an engaged partner in Africa’s digital transformation across the value chain. The cluster makes the latest digital innovations and cutting-edge technology to both people and business, thus connecting them to clients, loved ones, partners and the world.

“Silver Links will leverage its secure transmissions infrastructure to offer innovative, high-quality and secure connectivity services. With Silver Links creation, I am proud that we can pursue a purpose that is set in our very DNA as well as AXIANs: inclusion and accessibility. Silver Links infrastructure will connect each of us to our loved ones, businesses to their clients and Africa and the Indian Oceans growing markets to one another. Our focus, in line with AXIANs Lets Connect cluster, is to support social and economic growth through connectivity services to improve millions of peoples day-to-day lives.” said Stephane Oudin, CEO of Lets Connect cluster.


Silver Links offers connectivity services across the Indian Ocean and African mainland. Ever since its creation, Silver Links has deployed a complete suite of secure telecom infrastructure that is accelerating digital inclusion to promote shared socio-economic growth. Its fiber-optic network is comprised of 50,000 kilometres of cable and an operational presence in the hubs of Johannesburg, London and Paris, allowing us to build a better, faster internet for over 25 million internet users across Africa.


AXIAN is a pan African group that operates in 7 countries and specialises in 5 industries with high growth potential; namely telecoms, financial services, real estate, energy and innovation.

AXIAN is an engaged partner in the socio-economic growth of the countries where it operates. With over 5,000 daring and passionate staff, the group systematically ensures that its products and services have a positive and sustainable impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Africans.

The AXIAN Group is a signatory of the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative and committed to the integration of its 10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into group strategy, policies and operations.
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