Who we are

One of Madagascar’s leading petroleum products distributors , Jovena is investing to modernize country distribution channels and support country development by building fuel stations along newly constructed roads with provision of high-quality products and services meeting highest consumer safety standards.

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Our actions

In 10 years, we’ve increased the country’s energy independence, doubled the number of fuel stations, stabilized prices, introduced innovative products and services, and adopted a policy of excellence with respect to safety and the environment:

– 60% increase in the number of fuel stations.
– 76 fuel stations refurbished.
– Storage capacity increased from 25 to 60 days.
– ISO 9001 certification obtained from French standards agency Afnor and renewed each year.
– Deployment of a 76 MW gas powerplant in Antananarivo in 2017.

Project pipeline

We’ve set three key priorities for the next five years:

– Expand our energy portfolio to hydroelectric and solar facilities.
– Increase energy availability by investing in high-capacity fuel storage facilities and strengthen existing quality measures for better risk prevention, maintenance and surveillance of electricity grids.
– Continue to support the development of road transport infrastructure by building 15 new fuel stations and five long-distance bus stations, either privately or through public-private partnerships.

Current flagship projects:
– Construction of a 90 MW hydroelectric plant in the Tamatave region.